About Your Team

Nadia The Scanner

Dental impressions without all that gooey dental plaster that makes you uncomfortable? Intraoral scanners can create more accurate 3D digital images faster and without the mess.

WOW WHAT IS THIS? This is our friend as Nadia the itero Scanner. Her job is to show you an accuate and instant 3D model of your smile and the best part is that she can even show you what your smile could be if you went through Clear aligner Therapy. Call today to schedule your FREE appointment and meet Nadia.

Drew Q.


Make patients proud of their smile

Why I chose Dentistry:

As someone who never went to the dentist until my 20s, it is important for me to share dental maintenance is importance and sharing that it is never too late.


Scuba diving, camping and gardening

Fun Fact:

I swam with the whale sharks in the Georgia Aquarium

Drew M.

My Mission

I love the sense of accomplishment every day from helping others and I truly enjoy helping patients.

Why I Chose Dentistry

It was something I got into right off the bat and I loved the work so I have stuck with it ever since


Drew spends his free time out on the golf course. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three pups.


Kennedy's Job Title: Business Assistant

Why I Chose Dentistry: I chose dentistry because of my upbringing. My mom always worked in dentistry and because of that my dream as a child was to become a dentist. As you know plans change as you get older and while in college I chose a different route. While figuring out my future career plans I strive to become a dental hygienist. In the mean time I have had the opportunity to work with Harpeth Dental Care, allowing me to build great relationships, learn a multitude of skills in addition to falling in love with the positive impact dentistry has on our patients.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, hiking, music, coffee, and fitness

Fun Fact:Played D1 Softball at Ball State University


Kaitlyn's Job Title: Dental Assistant

Why I Chose Dentistry: Growing up I had a lot of dental work done due to crowding. My childhood dentist was always so kind and made me feel safe in his chair. As the years went by I went down different roads, but when I came across a school for dental assistants I thought back to my time as a patient in the chair, and knew I wanted to make people feels as safe as I did. I am so glad I went for it, and found Harpeth Dental.

Hobbies: Crocheting, reading true crime, and watching movies

Fun Fact: I was born on a leap year