About Your Team

Daynna Grover, PMO

Why I Chose Dentistry

"I wanted to help people be able to obtain and afford the great smile that they deserve"


Daynna enjoys watching movies and traveling. She also uses her free time to spend time with her family.

Fun Fact

"I went skydiving with my grandma"

Nadia The Scanner

Dental impressions without all that gooey dental plaster that makes you uncomfortable? Intraoral scanners can create more accurate 3D digital images faster and without the mess.

WOW WHAT IS THIS? This is our friend as Nadia the itero Scanner. Her job is to show you an accuate and instant 3D model of your smile and the best part is that she can even show you what your smile could be if you went through Clear aligner Therapy. Call today to schedule your FREE appointment and meet Nadia.

Drew Q.


Make patients proud of their smile

Why I chose Dentistry:

As someone who never went to the dentist until my 20s, it is important for me to share dental maintenance is importance and sharing that it is never too late.


Scuba diving, camping and gardening

Fun Fact:

I swam with the whale sharks in the Georgia Aquarium

Drew M.

My Mission

I love the sense of accomplishment every day from helping others and I truly enjoy helping patients.

Why I Chose Dentistry

It was something I got into right off the bat and I loved the work so I have stuck with it ever since


Drew spends his free time out on the golf course. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three pups.

Pam H.


I want to treat every patient to the highest standard of care. My patients are not just a number to me, they are my dental family.

Why I chose dentistry:

I am fascinated at how oral health correlates with systemic health. I want to make my patients and the community aware of how important good dental is, not only to their teeth, but to their overall health.


I enjoy volunteering to help in several groups in the community. It's such a blessing for me to give back.

Fun fact:

I have traveled to 23 states and 6 countries.

Dale Swift, Dental Assistant

Mission: To help educate patients on good oral hygiene, so that can maintain a healthy smile. My Mission is to build trust in a judgement free zone.

Why I chose dentistry: I personally have had my fair share in the dental chair, and during that time I received the best treatment and I would like to give that back

Hobbies: I enjoy kayaking and bass fishing with my boyfriend or teaching a friend when he has to work. I also dabble in nature photography.

Fun Fact: I was in an Australian music video.